Center of Excellence

Centre of Excellence for Digital Manufacturing Lab

The Aeronautical Department focuses on practical model preparation used for various manufacturing aids.3D printing is an additive manufacturing process it is used in manufacturing small components (depends on range of printer) with intricate shapes it has flexibility of producing solid parts or hallow based on applications. We also focus on consultancy work for small and medium enterprises for Industry level project and give practical knowledge for development of Aeronautical sciences. This lab helps the students to understand the various modes of manufacturing and fabricate models for their research projects.

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering has well equipped Computational facility with a Center of Excellence by Dassault Systems CATIA V5R18.We carry out computational projects under this facility in preparation modeling, analyzing and interpreting data. We also validate the acquired Computational Results with Theoretical Approaches in Student Projects. Our Staff members utilize this computational facility to carry out their Research Work, Projects which are published in National & International Conference, International Journals. We have also proposed a new computational project for patenting it under DRDO-PGAD in High Speed Nozzle Design characteristics.

Centre of Excellence for Flight Simulation Lab

Flight simulation lab deals with real time Problems of Flight Data Analytics to create an atmosphere for the students to expose to the real time problems of Flight Data Analytics. Students will acquire the basic knowledge of Pilot training. Flight Simulator is a setup which can be used to create the virtual environment for Training a Pilot. In this lab we have source of flight simulator with live shares.

Project Laboratory

Apart from regular laboratory work, students are encouraged to do in house projects using the facilities available in the department. For this purpose, the teaching and lab technicians are engaged to guide the students. All labs are assisted by competent technical staff with thorough knowledge of various experiments and procedures. Students are encouraged to make maximum use of labs for conducting their project works and carrying out extra lab assignments during and beyond the class hours. Support is extended by the technical staff beyond the working hours, even on holidays.ables, and syllabus

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

SRUSHTI – Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship play a critical role in creating an enabling eco-system to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the students, faculty, and researchers and also for the people from the community. The purpose of the lab is to deal with the students show their ability to work effectively with others and also explore their creativity. They can demonstrate the fundamentals of entrepreneurship which includes entrepreneurial opportunities, innovation and creativity, franchising, development and managing growth of a small business, forecasting, sourcing, and the reporting of finances.