CSE-Cyber Security


Security rely increasingly on Cyber security, and the speed with which computing technology continues to transform our daily lives is truly astonishing. Specialists in this subject area are in demand all over the world because their applied skills can revolutionize businesses and organizations of all kinds.


A commitment to effectively meet the needs of society, excellence and leadership in the educational, professional, and research fields of cybersecurity at the regional and global levels. Provide a compact technical base united with intelligence, and experiential learning. Promising entrepreneurship through open invention with eminence to address challenges


To produce successful Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) graduates with personal and professional responsibilities and commitment to lifelong learning.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1: To enable the graduates of the program to have a globally competent professional career in Cyber Security domain.
  • PEO 2: To prepare the students to excel in Cyber Security with the technical knowledge and skills needed to protect and defend the computer systems and networks to solve societal problems.
  • PEO 3: To empower the graduates of the program to pursue higher education and research in order to support the growth of the economy of a country.

Faculty Profiles

Mr. Atluri Srujan

Mr. Atluri Srujan

Assistant professor






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Faculty Activities

  • Department of CSE(AIML) inaugurated “Centre of Excellence For Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” by Mr Bapineedu Bollempalli, Senior Director, Virtusa on 01st September 2021.
  • Department of CSE-CYBER SECURITY, Faculty training programme on "CYBER SECURITY" by Z9 LABS PVT LTD, in association with CRCIDF
  • Department of CSE (AIML , Data Science) organized Faculty Development Program on “MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA SCIENCE FOR ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS” in association with E&ICT Academy, NIT Warangal

Student Activities

  • Department of CSE (AIML) – TECH TALK on AI&ML Webinar on 19th March Speaker: Fazeel Ahmed, Sr Software Engineer, EPAM
  • Department of CSE (Cyber Security) – Guest Lecture on “The Future of Cyber Security” 9th March Resource Person: Akhilesh Kanduri, CEO, Z9 Labs Pvt Ltd.
  • Department of CSE (Cyber Security) – Webinar on “Fundamentals of Cyber Safety & Security” Speaker: Mr Tajwar Khan, CEO & Founder, Ethical Learner Pvt. Ltd.