Aeronautical Engineering


The department of aeronautical engineering at MLRIT with excellent infrastructure and state-of-the art laboratories provides an ideal ambience for its graduate for research and innovation in one of the most fascinating & challenging branch of engineering. The dedicated faculty and passionate students share the vision of linking the fastest growing aerospace sector towards economic growth of our nation.


To be a centre of excellence in Aeronautical engineering with emphasis on Research & Innovation to serve the needs of industry with human values to build strong nation.


Consistently produce top quality Aeronautical engineers with core and multidisciplinary skills, who can become ace leaders and successful entrepreneurs with human values.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1: To prepare the students to excel in Aeronautical engineering and mould their careers for successful employment in industrial, academic and entrepreneurial activities.
  • PEO 2: Graduates will analyze and synthesize data and apply technical problem concepts which lead to the design of new products and develop technical problem solving skills.
  • PEO 3: Graduates will have excellent communication skills, ethical attitude and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social environment.
  • PEO 4: To provide a passionate academic environment for students that encourage learning of emerging technologies, multi disciplinary areas and acquire leadership qualities.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. M.Satyanarayana Gupta

Dr. M.Satyanarayana Gupta

HOD & Professor



Professor & Associate Dean

Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma


M. Ganesh

M. Ganesh

Associate Professor


  • Head of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering

    Head of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering

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  • SAEINDIA southern section

    SAEINDIA southern section

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  • DST and Texas Instruments

    DST and Texas Instruments

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  • IIEECP certification program under IUCEE

    IIEECP certification program under IUCEE

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Internships for the Academic Year 2019-20
1 16R21A2123 K.Harsha Vardhan Reddy TATA BOEING AEROSPACE LIMITED
2 16R21A2122 K.Poornashree Yadav TATA ADVANCED SYSTEMS LIMITED
4 16R21A2152 B.Phaneendra Varma KTPS THERMAL POWER STATION
Internships for the Academic Year 2020-21
S.No Regd Number Name of the Student Organisation
1 17R21A2101 A M Sanjana Tata Boeing Aerospace Ltd
2 17R21A2152 T Pavan Kalyan Tata Boeing Aerospace Ltd
3 17R21A2175 D Joseph Jeshua TATA Advanced Systems Ltd
4 17R21A2179 J Sai Akhila Rao TATA Advanced Systems Ltd
5 17R21A2152 T Pavan Kalyan VTOL Aviation India Pvt Ltd
6 17R21A2182 K Sai Krishna Reddy VTOL Aviation India Pvt Ltd

Center of Excellence

  • Centre of Excellence for Digital Manufacturing Lab
  • Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Centre of Excellence for Flight Simulation Lab
  • Project Laboratory
  • Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Faculty Activities

  • Active learning session was conducted to aeronautical Engineering Staff by Mr. Prabhu kishore of Mechanical Department on 8th, 11th, 13th Feb. here he explained about various learning methods which will involve active participation of students in class and where he will learn and understand the topic in a easy manner. It was a nine hours session and went very good.
  • IUCEE in collaboration with MLRIT has conducted IIEECP-16 Precertification Program on 8,9,10th of June, 2016. In this workshop various methodologies of engineering education have been discussed by Dr. Siva Kumar Krishnan. Mr MD Zaheeruddin and B. Nagaraj Goud of aeronautical department also participated in this workshop and certified

Students Activities

  • Mr. Deepak Luthra is a veteran in International Students Admissions and has worked to guide students for over the world and especially from the Indian Subcontinent from the Last 16 years. Mr. Luthra is presently working with Atlantic aviation Group from the last 3 years and is heading the international admissions and Affairs for the ATLANTIC AVIATION INSTITUTE under the group.
  • Dr M. Satyanarayan Gupta, head of Aeronautical engineering along with Mr. M Venkateshwar Reddy, HOD Mechanical engineering welcomed Mr. Deepak Luthra on to the stage. The session was started with the introduction of Atlantic aviation to the students by Mr. Deepak Luthra. In this lecture he explained about benefits of aviation and maintenance. After the completion of the session Mr. Deepak Luthra interacted with students and answered their queries.