Computer Science and Information Technology


MLR Institute of Technology takes the pride of introducing the Computer Science and Information Technology program - a blend of Computer Science and Information Technology at its best, with intake of 60 from academic year 2020-2021. This course gives the best of both Computer Science and Information Technology courses as a single course. This course covers everything that is needed to dive into any area across the entire IT industry landscape. Computer Science and Information Technology graduates will enjoy the privilege and command much higher salaries compared to other graduates of similar courses. They can grab more opportunities than Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology graduates.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1: Graduates will acquire capability to apply their knowledge and skills to solve various kinds of computational engineering problems.
  • PEO 2: Graduates will exhibit the ability to apply the acquired skills in various domains and multi-disciplinary areas, to function ethically and social challenges.
  • PEO 3: Graduates will acquire soft skills to adapt and excel in diverse global environment.

Faculty Profiles

Mrs. N Thulasi Chitra

Mrs. N Thulasi Chitra

Associate Professor

Dr. P. Subhashini

Dr. P. Subhashini

Professor & HOD

Course Structure

Professional Electives

Code Subject
Advanced Algorithms
Robotics and Embedded systems
Cloud Computing
Edge Computing
Computational Complexity
Artificial Intelligence