Innovation Hub/EPICS Lab

The Innovation hubs created by MLR Institute of Technology nurtures the aspirants in innovative and creative activities. The Innovation hub is loaded with computer systems and emerging technology software to train the aspirants on emerging technologies and help them in developing innovative solutions for societal or community needs.


Makerspace The Makerspace is a technical prototyping platform for student’s innovation and invention which is loaded with ultra-modern equipments such as Multimedia Workstations, 3D Printers, CNC Machines, Laser cutters, and thus provides stimulus for student Entrepreneurs. The Makerspace is accessible to incubators and student innovators across the country and startup entrepreneurs to ideate, validate and prototype their ideas into new products and services, particularly in the area of upcoming technologies.

Social Square

Social Square is a great platform for every aspirant who has an interest in the social innovation. Social Square is equipped with audio visual facility for conducting ideation programs and identify solution for societal or community needs.

Meeting Room

Space for interaction and mentoring with Innovators, Incubators and Bankers.

Internet of Things Lab

Internet of Things Lab is loaded with inventory required to create solution for precision agriculture, smart cities and betterment of social life. Students and researchers can utilize the IoT facility available in IoT lab to get hands on exposure on IoT platform. The IoT Lab at CIE is an open and developing ecosystem of edge devices, communication protocols, cloud-based platforms and applications with a focus on cost effective IoT technologies.

World class office Spaces

Modern workspace with all amenities, conference and meeting rooms, open space, coffee shop, Open Office as well as dedicated work table spaces.

Prototype Lab

Prototype lab is loaded with tools required for provides comprehensive rapid prototyping capability for all students, employees and research projects converting prototypes into marketable products

The Major equipments

1. 3D Scanners and Printers.

2. Rapid Prototyping Machines

3. Laser cutter and Engravers

4. CNC Milling and Turning Centres

5. Vacuum Plastic Forming Machines

6. TIG/MIG/SMAG Welding Machines

7. Centreless Grinders

8. Computer controlled UTM

9. MMC Stir Casting

10. Autoclave