MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad is now focusing more on Research Programs and need based technology. Accordingly, an independent R&D Cell has been established to promote and monitor the research Programs of the college. R&D cell has an advisory board with senior faculty members from various organizations. The cell manages all the research Programs of the college by monitoring and coordinating the research Programs. It conducts the research review meeting to examine the quality of research being conducted by various teams. It facilitates interaction with external agencies for funded R&D projects, also promotes and manages Institute-Industry interaction.

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Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC) was established at MLR Institute of Technology in association with the Ministry of MSME, Government of India on 2019. The centre is dedicated to MSME, startups, academics/research institutes, entrepreneurs and researchers in India. The centre helps to protect their intellectual property by providing best IP services from drafting to grant of IPRs and technical consultation to convert their ideas into secured marketable products.

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IPFC Cell Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre Dr. Vivek Anand A
TTC Cell Technology Transfer Centre Dr. Vivek Anand A