Career opportunities available after completing an electrical engineering

Career opportunities available after completing an electrical engineering

In India, the relevance of Education Disciplines like Science and Technology has undergone a sea change with export orientation, knowledge and business process outsourcing, and integration of personnel in different operational fields of management. The technological fields which have immense importance in the application and implementation of scientific techniques and theoretical orientation have assumed a great amount of importance in societal functioning. Thus the concept of Engineering and Medicine have emerged as the two primary branches of Science in India today- with doctors and engineers aspiring to elevate the country to a status of divinity, a pedestal that will be respected the world over.

Electrical Engineering is that branch of engineering which deals with the manufacturing and functioning of electrical equipment that can be used to manufacture and construct other finished products and resources. Electrical Engineering is applicable in the field of Sound and Acoustics, Industrial Functioning and Development, Power Generation and Chemical Manufacturing Industries, Automobile Industries, and Aerospace and Aeronautical Industries. It requires thorough analytical skills, educational perception, and a keen understanding of the soft skills if you desire to become a successful electrical engineer.

Following are the career paths that you can choose for yourself as an electrical engineer-

Employment as Engineer in Power Generation and Industrial Activity Industries

The highest quantum of application in electrical engineering is found in power generation and industrial activities. For example- in nuclear industries where nuclear missions are responsible for the generation of energy, the nuclear reactor needs to keep charged continuously so that it can function properly and provide the required amount of power source for the generation of nuclear energy. Thus the supply of electricity to the power industries is highly dependent on the work performed by an electrical engineer who establishes communication and source of contact between the power source and the equipment that is used to generate the required amount of power. Thus electrical engineers are offered attractive portfolios and job roles in the industrial power and development sector.

Equipment Analysis in Major Electrical Equipment Production Companies like Havells and Philipps

We are all aware of the kind of products and electrical equipment produced by companies like Havells and Philipps who are involved with the production of fluorescent tubes, lamps, electric generators, air-conditioners, water heaters and room heaters among the most popular products produced by the companies. The electrical engineers can find employment in such companies as an equipment analysis expert as he has significant knowledge about the application of electricity in the equipment, something which is considered to be the basic functions or engine behind the running of the machinery. Therefore electrical components that provide the basis for the generation of power source for the aforementioned industries is also done by the electrical engineers employed by a firm.

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Adequate knowledge about Electronic Systems help in Sound Engineering

Finally, the engineers who have specialized in the functioning and implementation of electronic equipment can find extensive application in the field of electronic sound systems that are entirely operated through the efficient usage of electrical equipment. For example- Acoustic Sound Box Makers Boss employs Electrical Engineers providing them with a lucrative salary and additional monetary and non-monetary incentives and benefits because Electrical Engineers occupy a very important place in their systematic operation of resources. Since they possess good knowledge about the electronic interface systems associated with the functioning of the system, they are capable of developing sound systems.

Employment in Management Sectors

After the completion of Electrical Engineering, you can also go for jobs in the management sector in the concerned area of expertise which includes engineering, electrical analysis, and data integration associated with electrical components. Thus an understanding of these basic terminologies would provide you with a healthy advantage in the management sectors.

Employment Opportunities in Public Sector Undertakings

The need for electrical engineering and the associated facilitation in the industrial and power sector finds considerable usage and employment generation tendencies in the Public Sector Undertakings. For example- you can get employed in the State Electricity Board as Chief Electrical Engineering monitoring all relevant work operations there.

In conclusion, it is very important to understand that electrical engineering is considered to be one of the primary facets of engineering in our country and there are ample opportunities for recruitment and employment in some of the top Indian companies and Multinational Corporations (MNCs) for an electrical engineering student who has graduated with a healthy percentage of marks from a recognized educational body. Thus electrical engineering is considered to experience even better growth prospects in the future with the application of scientific principles of engineering.

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