MBA MLR18 Syllabus

Subject CodeSubject Name
C30001Management&Organizational Behavior
C30002Managerial Economics
C30003Managerial Economics
C30004Business Statistics For Managers
C30005Legal &Business Environment
C30006Indian Ethos And Business Ethics
C30007Business Communication Lab
C30008Seminar (Company Analysis)
Audit Course - I
C30013Human Resource Management
C30014Marketing Management
C30015Financial Management
C30017Quantitative Analysis For Business Decisions
C30018Mis And Erp
C30019It Lab For Managers
C30020Seminar(Industry Analysis)
Audit course - II
C30025Management Of Technology
C30026Production And Operations Management
C30027Corporate Governance&Strategy
OECOpen Elective - I
SECSubject Elective - I
SECSubject Elective - II
SECSubject Elective - III
C30046Seminar Internship
OECOpen Elective - II
SECSubject Elective - IV
SECSubject Elective - V
SECSubject Elective - VI
C30065Comprehensive Viva Voce
C30066Pre Submission Of Project Seminar
C30067Main Roject
Marketing Electives
C30034Consumer Behaviour
C30038Services Marketing
C30042Advertising&Sales Promotion
C30053International Marketing
C30057Digital Marketing
C30061Retailing Management
HR Electives
C30035Performance Management
C30039Strategic Human Resource Management
C30043Industrial Relations And Labour Laws
C30054International Human Resource Management
C30058Compensation&Benefits Management
C30062Leadership And Change Management
Finane Electives
C30036Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
C30040Financial Institutions,Markets&Services
C30044Strategic Management Accounting
C30055International Financial Management
C30059Strategic Investments And Financing Decisions
C30063Financial Derivatives&Risk Management
Entrepreneurship Electives
C30037Global Entrepreneurship
C30041Msme Management
C30045Women Entrepreneurship
C30056Entrepreneurial Finance
C30060Entrepreneurial Marketing
C30064Creativity,Innovation And Entrepreneurship
Audit Course-I
C30009Research Paper Writing
C30010Quality Management
C30011Project Management
C30012Goods&Services Tax (Gst)
Audit Course-II
C30021E Business
C30022Stock Trading
C30023Stress Management
C30024Personality Development
Open Elective- I
C30028Intellectual Property Rights
C30029Disaster Management
C30030Yoga And Spirituality
C30031Disability And Rehabilitation
C30032Public Administration
Open Elective- II
C30048Event And Hospitality Management
C30049Political Sciences
C30050Cross Culture Management
C30051Cyber Security