MBA MLR20 Syllabus

Subject CodeSubject Name
C40001Management And Organisation Behaviour
C40002Business Economics
C40003Financial Accounting And Analysis
C40004Research Methodology And Statistical Analysis
C40005Legal And Business Environment
C40006Business Ethics And Corporate Governance
C40007Business Communication
C40008Seminar (Company Analysis)
Audit Course - I
C40013Human Resource Management
C40014Marketing Management
C40015Financial Management
C40017Quantitative Analysis For Business Decisions
C40018Mis And Erp
C40019It For Managers
C40020Seminar(Industry Analysis)
Audit Course - II
C40025Management Of Technology
C40026Production And Operation Management
C40027Data Analytics
OECOpen elective-I
SECSubject Elective - I
SECSubjecte Elective - II
SECSubject Elective - III
C40046Internship And Seminar
C40047Strategic Management
OECOpen elective-II
SECSubject Elective-IV
SECSubject Elective-V
SECSubject Elective-VI
C40066Comprehensive Subject Viva Voce
C40067Pre Submission Of Project Seminar
C40068Main Project
Marketing Electives
C40034Consumer Behaviour
C40038Services Marketing
C40042Advertising And Sales Promotion
C40054International Marketing
C40058Digital Marketing
C40062Retail Management
HR Electives
C40035Performance Management Systems
C40039Learning And Development
C40043Management Of Industrial Relations
C40055International Hrm
C40059Talent And Knowledge Management
C40063Leadership And Change Management
Finane Electives
C40036Security Analysis And Portfolio Management
C40040Financial Institutions Markets&Services
C40044Strategic Management Accounting
C40056International Financial Management
C40060Strategic Investment And Financing Decisions
C40064Risk Management And Financial Derivatives
Entrepreneurship Electives
C40037Startup Management
C40041Msme Management
C40045Family Business Management
C40057Entrepreneurial Finance
C40061Entrepreneurial Marketing
C40065Creaticity,Innovation And Entrepreneurship
Audit Course-I
C40009Research Paper Writing
C40010Quality Management
C40011Project Management
C40012Goods And Services Tax
Audit Course-II
C40021E Business
C40022Stock Trading
C40023Stress Management
C40024Personality Development
Open Elective- I
C40028Intellectual Property Rights
C40029Disaster Management
C40030Yoga And Spirituality
C40031Disability And Rehabilitation
C40032Public Administration
C40033Health Management
Open Elective- II
C40049Event And Hospitality Management
C40050Political Science
C40051Cross Cultural Management
C40052Cyber Security
C40053Waste And Environmental Management