COE Lab View


The LabVIEW Academy curriculum gives students the opportunity to validate their knowledge and skills at a professional level with Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) certification.


  • Students are able to carry their micro/mini/major project works using LabVIEW software
  • 21 students of 2nd year ECE, 15 students of 3rd year ECE and 29 students of 4th year ECE have passes the NI-CLAD exam
  • Students are able to publish their projects in various journals

Scope of COE

Environment for problem solving, accelerating productivity and continual innovation can be created so that integration of all the tools that engineers and scientists need to build a wide range of applications in dramatically less time is possible.

Major Resources Available:

  1. LabVIEW software

FDP’S/SDP’S Conducted

S.No. Name of the FDP/SDP Number of Trainees
1 Digital Image Processing using NI Vision System (software & Hardware) 20 faculty-MLRIT
2 Virtual Instrumentation using LabVIEW 15 faculty-MLRIT