Embedded and Robotics


To Facilitate and promote research and development in the area of Embedded Systems and Robotics Design.


  • Students are able to carry their micro/mini/major project works using the resources available.
  • 21 students of 2nd year ECE, 15 students of 3rd year ECE and 29 students of 4th year ECE have passes the NI-CLAD exam.
  • Students are able to publish their projects in various journals.

Scope of COE

Consultancy with leading industries can be established and work on External funded projects.

Major Resources Available:

  1. Air Compressor
  2. Solenoid Valves
  3. 12 V Johnson DC Motors
  4. Centre shaft DC motor
  5. Micro servo motor with ball bearing
  6. Side shaft dc motor high torque
  7. Servo motor
  8. Stepper motors
  9. BLDC Motors
  10. Gear motor
  11. Micro servo motor with ball bearing
  12. Drivers for various motors

FDP’S/SDP’S Conducted

S.No. Name of the FDP/SDP Number of Trainees
1 Real Time Embedded systems (FPGA Boards) & IoT and its applications 20 faculty-MLRIT
15 students-MLRIT
5 faculty-MLRITM
2 PCB Design 17 faculty-MLRIT
3 Embedded System Design using AVR Microcontrollers 17 faculty-MLRIT