Dr. A Sudhakar
Designation HOD
Years of Experience 13 Years
Department EEE
Email Id ambarapusudhakar@gmail.com
JNTUH Unique Id 0972-180827-143001
Areas of Specialization Intelligent controllers in AC drives
UG Degree B.Tech
PG Degree M.Tech
Ph.D Ph.D
Joining Date 22-06-2019
Nature of Association Regular

Dr. A Sudhakar

Papers Published

Journal Publications:

National Journals – 1, International Journals – 5 1. Harmonic Minimization in direct torque controlled Induction Motor using Neural Network controller,International journal of Energy technology and policy – scopus indexed 2. “Implementation of Matrix converter voltage vector topology in Direct Torque control of Induction Motor”. JnanaSarovara 2010,A.Sudhakar,M.Vijaya Kumar- A National Level Symposium conducted at JVIT,Bangalore. 3. “Minimization of Torque ripple by SVM in DTC of PMSM Drives”. A.Sudhakar, M.Vijaya Kumar, i-manager’s journal on Electrical Engineering, Vol 5. Issue No 2, October-December 2011, pp 55-59. 4. “A Comparative Analysis of PI and Neuro Fuzzy Controllers in Direct Torque Control of Induction motor drives”. A.Sudhakar, M.Vijaya Kumar, International Journal of Engineering Research and Application Vol 2 Issue 4, June-July 2012, pp 672-680. 5. “Neural Network controllers in Direct Torque control of Synchronous Motor” A.Sudhakar, M.Vijaya Kumar IJPEDS(SCOPUS indexed journal), Vol 3 No 3: September 2013,pp311-320. .6. “Torque ripple reduction in Direct torque control based Induction motor using Intelligent Controllers” A.Sudhakar, M.Vijaya Kumar, Journal of Institution of Engineers(India) (SCOPUS indexed journal) (Springer), July–September 2015, 96(3) pp297–304. 7. “Simulation of five-level inverter fed PMSM based on fast SVPWM” E.Prasad, A.Sudhakar, M.Vijaya Kumar, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems, December16-19, 2012, Bengaluru, India. 8. . “Torque Ripple Analysis In Fuzzy Controller Based Direct Torque Controlled Synchronous Motor”Dr A.Sudhakar, A two day National conference on recent advances in power electronics, power and control systems engineering” from 6-7 October 2016, Andhra University, Vishakapatnam, Andhra Padesh. 9. “Novel Step up Converter with Multi Winding Transformer for Fuel Cell Applications” G. Venkateswarlu, Dr A. Sudhakar, International Journal of Science and Research, 2016, 5(9), pp 318-322. 10. “Harmonic Minimization in direct torque controlled Induction Motor using Neural Network controller” Dr A.Sudhakar, Prof M.Vijaya Kumar (Paper Communicated by IJETP(Scopus Indexed)) 11. “Implementation of Intelligent Controllers in Direct Torque Controlled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor” Dr A.Sudhakar, International Journal for Research in Applied Science & EngineeringTechnology(IJRASET), Vol 7 Issue V, May 2019.

Subjects Taught

Basic Electrical Engineering, Electro magnetic fields, Electric circuits, DC Machines , Power Electronics, Power Semiconductor Drives.

Books Published

DTC of AC Drives with Intelligent Controllers, Lambert Academic Publishing House, Germany