Designation Professor
Years of Experience 12 Years
Department ECE
Email Id sridharbece@gmail.com
JNTUH Unique Id 9704-161210-115658
Areas of Specialization Image Processing
UG Degree B.E
PG Degree M.E
Ph.D Image Processing
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Papers Published

Journal Publications:

1. B.Sridhar, “An Effective Sharing Approach of Selective Video Frames for
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Conference Publications:

1. B. Sridhar, S.V.S. Prasad, Kiran Dasari, E. Parthiban, “Structural properties of
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Subjects Taught

  1. Communication Systems
  2. Digital Image Processing
  3. Medical Electronics
  4. Analog Communication
  5. Linear Digital Integrated Circuits
  6. Digital Image Processing

Books Published

1. “Watermarking Technique based on Reversible Approach for
Authentication” Lambert Academic Publishers. 2019. ISBN:978-613-9-45343-6.
2. “Authentication By Hand Vein Patterns Using Back Propagation
Network” Lambert Academic Publishers, 2018. ISBN: 978-613-7-37746-8.
3. “Video Watermarking using Interlacing Approach for Copyright
Protection” Lambert Academic Publishers, 2017. ISBN: 978-620-2-01410-6.