Dr. Dhilli Rao Gorja
Designation Associate Professor
Years of Experience 14
Department Freshman
Email Id
JNTUH Unique Id 4106-240207-174516
Areas of Specialization Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Cancer Research, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Bio Physical Applications
UG Degree B.Sc., Chemistry, Physics and Maths
PG Degree Industrial chemistry
Ph.D Organic/Medicinal Chemistry
Joining Date 31-01-2024
Nature of Association Regular

Dr. Dhilli Rao Gorja

Papers Published

“Novel dual inhibitor for targeting PIM1 and FGFR1 kinases inhibits colorectal cancer growth in vitro and patient-derived xenograft in vivo” Fanxiang Yin; Ran Zhao; Dhilli Rao Gorja; Xiorong Fu; Hai Huang; Beibei Xu; Hanyong Chen; Joydeb Kumar Kundu; Jaki Min; Kangdong Li; Zigang Dong; MeeHyun Lee, Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B 2022,12,4122-4137

In Silico and Biological Evaluation of N-(2-methoxyphenyl) Substituted Pyrazoles Accessed via a Sonochemical MethodMandava Venkata Basaveswara Rao, Bodapati Veera Durga Rao,Suryadevara Vijaya Vardhini,A. V. D. Nagendra Kumar, Dhilli Rao Gorja,Ravikumar Kapavarapu, and Manojit Pal, ChemistrySelect 2021, 6, 788 –797.

Discovery of a novel dual-target inhibitor against RSK1 and MSK2 to suppress growth of human colon cancer.Zigang Dong, M.D; Guoguo Jin; Mingyang Yan; Kangdong Liu; Ke Yao; Hanyong Chen; Chengjuan Zhang; Yi Yang; Kanamata Reddy; Dhilli Rao Gorja; Kyle Vaughn Laster; Zhiping Guo, Oncogene 39(43),2020

Aurora B kinase as a novel molecular target for inhibition the growth of osteosarcoma. Zhenjiang Zhao, Guoguo Jin, Ke Yao , Kangdong Liu Fangfang Liu Hanyong Chen Keke Wang Dhilli Rao Gorja Kanamata Reddy Ann M. Bode, Zigang Dong, Molecular Carcinogenesis 58(11),2019

Aurora B Kinase as a Novel Molecular Approach for Osteosarcoma Therapy. Zhao, Zhenjiang and Jin, Guoguo and Yao, Ke and Liu, Kangdong and Liu, Fangfang and Chen, Hanyong and Wang, Keke and Gorja, Dhilli Rao and Reddy, Kanamata and Bode, Ann M. andGuo,ZhipingDong,ZigangEBioMedicine,(April10,2018),http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.3263641

APIO-EE-9 is a novel Aurora A and B antagonist that suppresses esophageal cancer growth in a PDX mouse model. Guoguo Jin, Ke Yao, Zhiping Guo, Zhenjiang Zhao, Kangdong Liu, Fangfang Liu, Hanyong Chen, Dhilli Rao Gorja, Kanamata Reddy, Ann M. Bode, Ziming Dong and Zigang Dong. Oncotarget, 2017, Vol. 8, (No. 32), pp: 53387-53404

Selective Synthesis of 2,5‐Disubstituted Furan‐3‐carboxylates and the Isomeric 2,4‐Disubstituted Furan‐3‐carboxylates. Panpan Chen, Yinggao Meng,a Qinghu Yang, Jie Wu,Yuanyuan Xiao, Dhilli Rao Gorja,Chuanjun Song, Junbiao Changa RSC Adv., 2015, Volume 47, Issue 6

The solution structure of human calcium-bound S100A4 mutated at four cysteine loci. Ching Chang Cho , Kuo-Wei Hung, Dhilli Rao Gorja, Chin Yu,J Biomol NMR.2015 Jun;62(2):233-8.

Subjects Taught

Organic Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry

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