Freshman Labs

Engineering Physics Lab- MG212

The Engineering Physics Lab should enable the students to provide an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts introduced in the lecture and to teach how to make careful experimental observations and how to think about and draw conclusions from such data. It helps students understand the role of direct observation in physics and to distinguish between inferences based on theory and the outcomes of experiments. Also it enables to introduce the concepts and techniques which have a wide application in experimental science but have not been introduced in the standard courses. In this lab the student learns how to write a technical report which communicates scientific information in a clear and concise manner.

Engineering Graphics & Design Lab-MG-004

This lab enables the students to create awareness and emphasize the need for Engineering Drawing in various branches of engineering. It Enables the student with various concepts of dimensioning, conventions and standards related to engineering drawings. In this the student can follow the basic drawing standards and conventions and develop skills in three-dimensional visualization of engineering component.

Chemistry Lab-MG 010

The chemistry lab helps the student to learn Estimation of hardness and chloride content in water to check its suitability for drinking purpose. It will help him to determine the rate constant of reactions from concentrations as a function of time. He can learn the measurement of physical properties like adsorption and viscosity. Also the student can synthesize the drug molecules and check the purity of organic molecules by thin layer chromatographic (TLC) technique.

Programming Problem Solving Lab-008

This lab helps the student to understand how to formulate the algorithms for simple problems. The student will be able to translate given algorithms to a working and correct program. He can understand how to correct syntax errors as reported by the compilers. Also he can be able to identify and correct logical errors encountered at run time. The student understands how to write iterative as well as recursive programs and represent data in arrays, strings and structures. It helps the student to impart the knowledge of declare pointers of different types and their usage. In this lab the student can understand how to create, read and write to and from simple text files.

Basic Electric Engineering Lab-MG-002

The Basic Electrical Engineering Lab enables the students to get an exposure to common electrical components and their ratings. It will help to make electrical connections by wires of appropriate ratings. The student understands the usage of common electrical measuring instruments and the basic characteristics of transformers and electrical machines.

English Language & Communcation Skills Lab-MG 005

This lab enables the students to facilitate computer-assisted multi-media instruction enabling individualized and independent language learning. It will enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills. The student will improves fluency and pronunciation intelligibility by providing an opportunity for practice in speaking. The student will be trained in different interview and public speaking skills such as JAM, debate, role play, group discussion etc. It helps to build the confidence and make them competent enough to express fluently and neutralize their mother tongue influence.

Workshop & Manufacturing Practices MG-004

This is the backbone of the real industrial environment which helps to develop and enhance relevant technical hand skills required by the technician working in the various engineering industries and workshops. The course intends to impart basic knowledge and how various hand tools and their usage in different sections of manufacturing. Irrespective of branch, the budding engineer’s use of workshop practices in day to day industrial as well domestic life helps to dissolve the problems and develop prototype models whenever necessary. The workshop experiences would help to build the understanding of the complexity of the industrial job, along with time and skills requirements of the job with safety measures. Workshop curricula build the hands on experiences which would help to learn manufacturing processes and production technology to build learners innovative ideas to develop by models. Workshop practice is also important since only practice can make the man perfect. The students are advised to undergo each skill experience of blooms taxonomy levels like remembrance, understanding and application with special emphasis on attitude of enquiry to know why and how for the various instructions and practices imparted to them in each shop.