Have a look at all top Emerging fields in Mechanical Engineering

Have a look at all top Emerging fields in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers is the second most desired engineering stream in India. The work of Mechanical Engineers primarily restricts to an office space. They need to visit on-site locations to track the issue that associates with the functioning spare parts of machines. With technology, numerous fields have emerged in the field.

With progress with technology, numerous new fields and avenues have opened up in the field. Following are some of the primary emerging fields in mechanical engineering-

Mechanical engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace in mechanical engineering

As technology has advanced, aerospace engineering has developed as an emerging field. Aerospace Engineering deals with the manufacturing, construction, design and maintenance of aircraft spare parts. It involves the usage of propulsion engines, electric carbonators and gasoline fuels or aviation fuels. Many spare parts made of metal and other heavy engineering tools are necessary for aerospace engineering. It is one of the most exciting branches of study in the course. The study of this field of engineering is a bit complex and involves a lot of knowledge about aircraft transmission.

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Advanced Robotics

Robotics has also emerged as one of the new fields in mechanical engineering. Robotics involves the design, creation and maintenance of artificial intelligence devices that can interact with behavioral surroundings. Robots are like human beings who can take commands and instructions through audio-based interactions with human beings. Robotics range from simple command-oriented machinery to complex machines. It runs based on the different principles of engineering science and technology. These robots can perform extensive functions in the field of construction and engineering. The study of robotics involves learning the applications of artificial intelligence thoroughly.

Advanced robotics in mechanical engineering

Automobile Industry

The automotive industry has developed into one of the primary emerging fields. Automobile Industry deals with the functioning of automobile spare parts. Nowadays, people prefer transportation in owned vehicles. Sharing seats in public vehicles is slowly becoming obsolete. The demand for private two-wheelers and four-wheelers has fuelled the growth of automobile accessories. The engineers related to this field need to have a good understanding of the mechanics of vehicles. The field deals with the design, construction and maintenance of automobiles and their spare parts.

automobile in mechanical engineering


Nanotechnology has emerged as one of the growing fields. With this one can disseminate and rearrange the chemical composition of atoms and other molecular compounds. The atoms can segregate and separate into the smallest size. Nanotechnology engineers manipulate atoms and molecules measured in nanometers, or one-billionth of a meter, for use in manufacturing and modeling.

nanotechnology in mechaical engineering

Manufacturing and Construction Industry

Mechanical Engineering has always served as the way for the manufacturing and construction industry to become one of the emerging fields. The field of the manufacturing industry involves the construction, design and maintenance of machinery products. These products analyze to create much larger products at more effective cost structures. The main responsibility of manufacturing engineers is to design a product.

manufacturing and constructing in mechanical engineering


Innovation is the key to growth when it comes to mechanical engineering. The primary responsibility of a mechanical engineer is to develop newer ways to identify cost-effective means of constructing and developing newer machinery. Any emerging field is dependent on the application of innovative and cost-effective means to generate better resources. The field of mechanical engineering will always help the students to keep themselves updated about the changing technology and trends. A candidate with a degree can find various job opportunities in administrative.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

What application does mechanical engineering have in robotics?

In robotics, mechanical engineering is used in the design and maintenance of artificial intelligence model-based robots that can take instructions from human beings.

Which element of engineering is involved with mechanical engineering in nanotechnology?

The principles of chemical engineering are involved with mechanical engineering in nanotechnology.

How is mechanical engineering useful in the manufacturing and construction industry?

Through mechanical engineering, the maintenance and construction of different machinery products can take place.

What application does mechanical engineering have in aerospace engineering?

In aerospace engineering, designing and maintenance of aeroplanes and other aircraft parts are necessary. It helps in the maintenance and construction of such spare parts.

Is mechanical engineering relevant for the automobile industry?

Yes, mechanical engineering is important for the automobile industry.

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