Faculty Achivements

SL. No. Staff Name Date Name of the Event Venue Place Won
1 Mrs. M. Mallika Reddy 24/03/2017 BYST workshop CII – Confederation of Indian Industry Best Faculty Mentor
2 Mrs. V. Sree Pavani Vol 97, Issue 5 Scopus listed Man in India Journal Titled “Women portrayal in Indian Television commercials adolescents perception”
  • 1. Dr.K.Surya Narayana published and presented papers titled “Marketing Automation”, “Employee Related Problems and current Scenario of IT Export BPO in India during 2017-18
  • 2. Dr.K.Surya Narayana, Dr Sudhir published and presented papers titled “Corporate social responsibility. A Study of Select Companies-Lessons to Be Learnt.”, Changing Trends of various Business Organization through Predictive Intelligence in India during 2017-18
  • 3. Dr.K.Surya Narayana, Dr Sudhir and Dr.V.P.Thirulogasundaram published and presented paper titled “HR Challenges in Service Industries-A Study in Different Organisations”during 2017-18
  • 4. Dr.V.P.Thiruloga sundaram published and presented papers titled “Assessment of organizational mood, culture and development have a great impact on building organizational performance in the service industry in india- a corporate study”, “Variation in the privileges (packages and fringe benefits), policies and procedures with respect to retention strategies – a corporate study”
  • 5. Dr.K.Surya Narayana,Dr.M.V.Narasimha Rao,Dr.VP.Thiruloka Sundaram Published paper ‘Utilising Local Expertise in Supply Chain Management,Focus Factors for an Indian Areo space (Civil Aviation)Manufacturing Company in international conference ICAAMM conducted in MLRIT
  • 6. Dr Sudhir and Dr.V.P.Thiruloga sundaram published and presented papers titled “Leaders with entrepreneur skills – a study on C.M Chadra Babu Naidu”., “Is Predictive Intelligence is going to be 5 th P of marketing.” during 2017-18
  • 7. Mr. V.Prashanth Kumar published paper titled “A Study On Demonetisation Effect on Online Banking Transaction”during 2017-18
  • 8. Mr. V.Prashanth Kumar, Mrs.K.Suhrullekha published paper titled “A Study On Currency Fluctuations Impact on Gold Price determination in selected countries “during Jan’2018.
  • 9. Mr. V.Prashanth Kumar attended FDP on “Effective Research and Project Funding” at St Martin Engineering College, Hyderabad
  • 10. Mr.M.Navin Kumar Reddy attended FDP on Research Methodology at St Martin Engineering College, Hyderabad.
  • 11. Mr.M.Navin Kumar Reddy, V.Prashanth Kumar attended HMA Annual Meet at Trident Hotel ,Hyderabad.
  • 12. Ms.P.Bhagya Lakshmi. Attended FDP organized by TASK at Begumpet, Hyderabad
  • 13. V.Sree Pavani, V.Prashanth Kumar, P.Naga Jyothi are ready to submit their theses work.