MBA Overview



“Leadership with Goals & Vision but management with Objectives”

The pace of technological up gradation is observed to be exponential over time. Innovation breeds business and technology needs business to sustain. Every stride of life is either directly or indirectly connected to business and markets. Business Administration becomes a must for qualitative products at acceptable prices and satisfied services like augmented healthcare, educational, transportation, communication facilities and the like. Every Industry may have its ups and downs but management discipline never dies as it is applicable to each and every Industry. Thus, MBA’s have immense opportunities anytime.

Established in the year 2006, the Department offers four most coveted specializations like Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing management and Entrepreneurship with an intake of 120. The Department has 18 faculty including 6 professors with Ph.D having vast experience in both Industry and academia.

The curriculum is designed to teach students on how to think strategically, act effectively and lead empathetically while driving growth and building a solid organizational culture. The students engage with adverse peer group of future leaders from and array of sectors and industries. MBA equips you with the right mind set, network and a foresight to make that career leap.


  • Train edge – Digital market Training
  • Oracle FICO – Oracle Financial Certification.
  • Sales Force – Business Administration Specialist – Super Badge
  • Sales Force – Declarative Platform App Builder and Trail Head
  • Amazon ACE Challenge


Our unique specializations are based on digital technologies which rapidly transform the nature of the business. We have active collaborations with leading companies such as IBM, Capital IQ, Amazon,WIPRO etc., to make our specializations relevant and application oriented based on real time business practices.


Special attention is paid to offer Campus Recruitment Training to increase the success percentage of outgoing students in interviews by corporates. This is made possible by allocating a slot in the regular time table from first semester itself which prepares students of MLRIT, Business Administration Department the first choice of many corporates. Our students have obtained placements in prestigious companies such as Capital IQ, Fact Set, Amazon, Wipro, TATA AIG, Tech Mahindra, HSBC, HDFC ICICI and many more.