MLR Institute of Technology Engineering; A Successful Choice for Recruiters

MLR Institute of Technology Engineering; A Successful Choice for Recruiters

MLRIT offers the best engineering courses in our country. It offers options like electronic engineering, aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering just to name a few. With advanced technology, lab facilities and experienced teaching personnel, MLRIT has emerged as a reputed institution in the field of engineering.

Why MLRIT Engineering is Desirable for Recruiters?

MLRIT Engineering degrees have found many takers in the recruitment industry. Following are the reasons why it is in such high demand among the recruiters-

Well-trained students

The students of Engineering in MLRIT are well trained and groomed. They are taught by the best professors of engineering in the country. They are made aware of the existing industry standards. Theoretical knowledge of engineering is imparted to the engineering students of MLRITPractical classes take place through orientation, training (on-the-job training and off-the-job training) and lab work.

Certified talent pool on latest trending technology

MLRIT Engineering degrees prepare a student thoroughly in the principles of engineering. The syllabus and course structure is prepared by modern technology. The engineering courses incorporate constant industry changes.

The engineering students are technologically well-oriented with the programme. Recruiters look to identify potential candidates with skill and knowledge. Thus it is the teaching methods at MLRIT that provide knowledge to the students about the latest trends in technology.

Experienced Training and Placement Department

The training and placement department at MLRIT is technologically well-equipped. The department comprises professors and theorists with varied educational backgrounds. Their cumulative teaching experience is more than 25 years.

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Engineering personnel from top management companies are recruited. This personnel is well-equipped to handle student requirements. Their objective is to impart knowledge and skills to their students. Moreover, the engineering students at MLRIT have been prepared for recruitment programs since the beginning of the second year.

Strong Alumni Base

The Alumni Cell of MLRIT is very well connected and resourceful. The cell comprises Engineering professionals in some of the top companies of the world like Google, Amazon and Accenture. Some members of the Alumni are existing fellow researchers in top engineering universities of the world like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Alumni Cell plays an important role in attracting recruiters. They post information about engineering degrees on social platforms. MLRIT boasts of a strong alumni placement cell. This helps freshmen get internship opportunities. The prospective candidates also have an edge in the recruitment interviews owing to this advantage.

Over 90% On-Boarding of Engineering Students in Selected Companies

Engineering students at MLRIT get the opportunity of On-Campus Recruitment. They are selected based on their semester results. The students getting a high percentage of marks are selected for direct interviews. More than 90% of the students get selected by top companies in the world.

Facilities at MLRIT Engineering College that Help Recruiters

MLRIT College offers facilities that help the recruiters in conducting the recruitment process smoothly. Following are some of the prime facilities offered by MLRIT Engineering college-

Comprising 800 systems in a single LAN, the bandwidth of 400 MBPS with power backup

The internet and connectivity environment at MLRIT Engineering college is at par with the best in the country. The premises have constant internet and communication systems established within the single Local Area Network (LAN). There is a backup for a power outage. That helps the process of the interview to continue without any unnecessary disruption.

Exclusive placement block

The MLRIT placement block is well equipped with sufficient GD rooms, individual interview panels and a lounge. That makes the job of the recruiter even easier. Moreover, the placement block also allows the proper conduct of recruitment interviews. Excellent infrastructure facilitates the operation of recruitment activities to be conducted smoothly and operationally.

Auditorium with 1200 capacity

MLRIT Engineering college boasts of a large auditorium space that can accommodate 1200 personnel. It has all the necessary amenities associated with a large auditorium. The facilities include a large audio-visual room, a presentation area, a dias from where the recruiters can make announcements and an area for the interview panellists to sit and conduct the interview process.

Accessible campus from various locations

The MLRIT Engineering campus is accessible from different locations in the city of Hyderabad in India. The accessible locations allow easy travel and therefore it ensures that more recruiters come to the campus to conduct interview sessions.

Presence of Innovation Cell

The MLRIT Engineering campus has an innovation cell that houses different audiovisual and visual reality rooms. The innovation cell inspires the growth of commercialization of sophisticated technology-based products. This facility encourages the recruiters about the fact that MLRIT is technologically well-equipped.

Objectives of Engineering Programs at MLRIT 

The Engineering programs at MLRIT are conducted with certain objectives in mind. Following are the list of important objectives-

  • To incorporate decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking skills in students. All the aforementioned factors are important in Engineering.
  • To ignite the students’ Technical core knowledge and Soft skills. This will help in meeting the standards of the corporate recruitment process at MLRIT.
  • To enhance overall performance in terms of personality development.
  • To ensure career planning, goal setting and re-skilling which will stand them in good stead even after getting the job.
  • To create awareness about “career planning” and “career mapping” among the Engineering students at MLRIT.
  • To Equip the students with life skills.
  • To train the students in the areas of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal reasoning.


Therefore Engineering programs at MLRIT offer recruiters an incredible opportunity. They find the best talent pool among a large number of candidates. MLRIT has thus become a favorite hub of engineering company recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

What are the different engineering streams at MLRIT?

Different engineering streams at MLRIT include Computer Science Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

What facilities does the MLRIT Engineering campus offer?

The facilities that Engineering at MLRIT offer include-

  • Auditorium – 1200 pax
  • Exclusive placement block equipped with sufficient GD rooms, individual interview panels and lounge.

What are the objectives of MLRIT Engineering?

The objectives of studying engineering at MLRIT include-

  • To incorporate decision-making, problem solving and critical thinking skills in students.
  • To ignite the students’ Technical core knowledge and Soft skills to meet the corporate recruitment process.

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