The college recognizes the importance of protecting Intellectual Property Rights. Faculty members are given orientation on the various avenues available for patenting. The faculty members and students based on their research work / invention carried out at MLR Institute of Technology have filed the following patents:

S. No Title Application No
1. System And Method For Intrusion Detection With Clustering For Wireless Sensor Networks 201741041185 A
2. Portable Solar Energy Charger For Smartphone 201641031399 A
3. Occupancy Level Detection And Controlling Device 201641034025 A
4. Methods Employed In The Study Of The Effect Of Ultra Graphite On Morphological And Physico Chemical Properties Of Soil 201641026378
5. New And Efficient Data Ware Housing Algorithm For Multiple Rfid Readers L-72026/2018
6. Disease Management L-72023/2018
7. Automated Tool For Bloom’s Taxonomy L-72024/2018
8. Fitness Management Android Application L-72025/2018
9. A Novel Chaotic Quantum Based Homomorphic Cpabe Authentication Protocol Against Malicious Attack In Wireless Communication Networks L-72020/2018
10. Tool Holder For Different Face Machining 312134
11. Rocker Arm With Tilting Mechanism 312131
12. Wheelchair 312132
13. RFID Reader 312133
14. Node Integrity Based Authentication Model For Dynamic Wireless Communication Networks 201841003130 A
15. Authentication Model For Wireless Communication 201841005538
16. Extraction Machine For Handling Banana Stalk Fiber 318006-001
17. Slotter-Crank Mechanism Based Garland Making Machine 318007-001
18. Hybrid Turbine Intelligent Power Generation System 318008-001
19. Three Role Type Crushing Press For Sugarcane 318009-001
20. Portable Sugar Cane Juice Maker With Removable Press 3180010-001
21. Vertical Axis Wind Turbine With Cambered Airfoils 3180011-001
22. Thin Film Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Based Khoa Making Machine For Continuous Operation 316267-001
23. Inclined Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Based Khoa Making Machine For Continuous Operation 316268-001
24. Automatic Paper Plate Making Machine – Suction Type 316269-001
25. Solar Powered Sugarcane Juicer 316270-001
26. Automatic Flower Stitching Machine 316271-001
27. Solar Powered Hydralic Bailing Machine 316272-001
28. Solar Powered Paper Plate Making Machine 316273-001
29. Drum Type Pepper Processing Machine 316274-001
30. Green Pea Peeling Machine With Removable Drums 316275-001
31. Soyabean Dehulling Machine With Rotating Annular Cylinders 316276-001
32. A Natural Fiber Reinforced Protective Mechanism For The Head 201841046570
33. “Arsv-System : Auto Ring My Phone If Switch Off, And Vibration Mode System” 201821042802
34. Cloud Parking Management System And Vehicle Anti-Theft Method 201921000271
35. Iot-Traffic System: Iot Based Intelligent Traffic, Transport Management System 201941004416
36. P-Button : Panic Button Provides Information Through Light, Radio Signal And Other Required Signal 201821042817
37. P-Material : Waste Plastic Convert Into A Pipe, Tiles And Other Materials 201921009952
38. Itsc-System : Intelligent Tire Air Indication, Speed Control System 201821042800
39. Security Development On Image For Ownership By Cross-Layered Structure Marking 201941040206
40. Surface Functionalized Football Shaped Porous Nanocapsules As Potential Payload For Nanomedicines And Cancer Theranostics 201941037890
41. Development Of Micropatterned Surface For Controlling Ice Formation On Aerospace Structures 201941036131
42. Deep Slot Cutting Machine For Rocket Motors 322109-001
43. Complex Notch Filter For Removal Of Noise In Wireless Receivers 202041002574
44. On-Chip Heterogeneous Multicore Computing System Architecture for Multimedia Data Processing 202041009781
45. A Hybrid Security Scheme for Safeguarding Different Kinds of Big Data Outsourced to Cloud 202041009784
46. Drone for Crop Health Monitoring 327834-001
47. Agri Drone for Health Monitoring 327835-001
48. Friction Stir Welding Tool for Welding Dissimilar Metals 327975-001
49. Borewell Rescue Equipment 328377-001
50. Multipurpose Tool for Plantation 328378-001