10 Best Computer Science Projects that “Boost Your Skills”

10 Best Computer Science Projects that “Boost Your Skills”

The most important aspect of Computer Science and Engineering is problem-solving, an essential skill for life. Students study the design, development, and analysis of software and hardware used to solve problems in a variety of business, scientific, and social contexts. Because computers solve problems to serve people, there is a significant human side to CSE as well.

Computer science is progressing more towards Data Science. One gets to learn a lot through it. The whole world wants to learn machine learning and artificial intelligence automation. However, the story begins with how to make the very first step to this? You must have heard everyone saying “clear your basics and you will understand everything”. So that’s the answer to it. You need to choose a project and just start working on it! All your concepts will get cleared.

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Here are a few very interesting and in-demand projects listed out. Go and check them.

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Top 10 Computer Science Projects

1. Basic Hospital Management System

2. News Feed Application

3. Chatbot

4. Android Battery Saver System

5. Build your Own Online Store

6. Distorted Fingerprint Verification System

7. Cursor Movement on Object Motion

8. Real-Time Web Search Engine

9. Online E-Book maker

10.  Web Cam based Credit Card Reader

Basic Database Management System

Level – Beginner

Hospital, School and a College means lots of patients, students and a lot of data. Today every hospital or institute requires a database management system. Here you will be developing a system for the same to digitize and manage their data. For example, Patient information, Patient details, patient disease history, appointments, etc for hospital, Student id, Student department, student class etc. You can leverage the basics of HTML, CSS, SQL to develop a functional hospital management system.

The built system should take new data entries, store them, and let respective officials and/or a system administrator(s) access and view data.

You will be designing a database management system, so that it automatically assigns a unique ID to every new entry registered at the respective school/hospital. Other than the new entries, the system should also be able to store information about the staff members, all in a local database.

With the increasing entries in the database the searching process may become tiresome for the system administrator. For that it will be great to add a search functionality. So that it becomes easier to find specific details across hundreds – or even thousands – of stored records.

While databases grow local machines won’t work efficiently, Cloud storage may help at this point. To make it more challenging you must figure them out on your own.

News Feed Application

Level: Intermediate

As a computer science student building a news feed application is a great way to boost your app development skills. Either you can create a web-based news feed application that runs inside browsers or a dedicated mobile app for smartphone users or both, whichever suites you best.

For the latest and trending news, various news providers give access to free news APIs, like Financial Times, Bloomberg, Guardian one thing to keep in mind is that the freely available news APIs offer a limited number of API calls on a daily basis or monthly basis. The key challenge would be to keep up with multiple users at the same time. The front-end and the back-end of the app need to be created and thus require both front-end and back-end development technologies.

The app can be easily created using any popular programming language, like JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

Chat App

Level: Expert

The project is all about coding a chat application using Python. Just like any other chat applications we have to allow users to sign up and create their accounts and instantly start  messaging. The main focus of project is to utilize concepts of socket programming and multi-thread processing.

The project may get a little tricky to work with. Focus on how sockets work and understand various principles related to computer networks.

You need to build a server to handle user requests to exchange messages and connect in real-time. The functionality of  chat app can be extended by allowing users to exchange files along with normal text messages.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

Android battery saver system

Level: Intermediate

Android battery saver system is designed to understand the battery usage data from built-in classes. That create a consolidated list of apps that drain the power of the Android phone. The same system can determine the battery level of the phone. For instance when the battery level is low, and battery consumption is too high by numerous apps, this system will buzz an alarm telling the user to force stop or close the apps that are drawing power.

While there is no backend for battery saver system, it uses Android Studio as the frontend. As the system feeds on data from the Android phone, it does not need a backend framework.

The primary focus of this battery saver system is to notify users about the apps those are high on power consumption, thereby ask them to take specific actions to stop battery drainage.

Build You Own Online Store

Level: Beginner

Creating an e-commerce store is another great way to practice your coding skills. The elements required for an online store are slightly more complex than a social networking site since this project will need more than just a user database to function.

Here, you will need to design a script for a product page, shopping cart, checkout, and other e-commerce-related elements. This can be done by using JavaScript and Python, CSS.

Distorted Fingerprint Verification System

Level: Intermediate

Due to the inimitability and persistence, human identification by fingerprints is considered the most reliable. There are many challenges faced in fingerprint recognition systems as distorted fingerprints are of squat quality and contain fewer features.

In this paper, spurious minutiae are removed using fuzzy rules. This paper introduces a novel method to detect a distortion using a fuzzy classifier and rectify it.

Then, an Enhanced fuzzy feature match (EFFM) is proposed to match fingerprints. The orientation field and minutiae are attribute vectors for fuzzy classifiers. The proposed method upgrades the performance and the accuracy of fingerprint matching.

Cursor movement on object motion

Level: Expert

In this project, the key aspect is designing a cursor that can move through the desktop and perform actions based on hand gestures. The movement of the object will be read as RGB (red, green, and blue) color. The RGB color object will be considered as a mouse.

For this, you will need:

  • Import the Java AWT library to coordinate with the cursor.
  • A webcam to track the movement of red, green, and blue objects.
  • The RGB objects system is set to use a webcam movement pattern, and it triggers an event accordingly.
  • The cursor movement system will acquire a single frame from the video recorded by the webcam and flip the frame for the user to see.
  • The captured image is converted into a binary image where the RGB objects will become white.
  • An abounding box is further added to the system around the object that the user can move throughout the display.

Real-Time Web Search Engine

Level: Expert

For developing a search engine, you need to use web annotation to allow your search engine to access web pages and other online resources. In a typical search engine, you need to provide a text box in which users can type their queries and hit the search button or hit enter to get relevant results.

Results are displayed by the search engine which needs to be arranged in the form of a list. Simultaneously, you can limit the number of search items displayed on a page to 10 or 15. That way, the search engine will have multiple search result pages.

Reference Free Projects @GitHub:

Online eBook maker

Level: Expert

An online eBook maker will allow users to design and create eBooks free of cost. The system has two modules – admin login and author login. The admin can accept requests from users (authors), check and validate their details, evaluate completed eBooks, and process the request by mailing eBooks to the authors. Users can register in the system using the author login.

After filling in the necessary details, users can create new books, specify the context of books, add the title, number of pages, add a book cover, etc. Existing users can simply log in using their ID and password, and they can either create new books or resume editing the existing (unfinished) eBooks. Authors can keep only three incomplete eBooks at a time, of which they must complete at least one book before starting a new book.

Webcam Based Credit Card Reader

Level: Expert

Through the internet to most common cyber crime and the theft to your cards, internet security has raised concerns of many. Idea behind this project is the security of the credit card owner. A webcam software will get the inputs from the webcam when the user holds the credit card in front of the cam.

All the information like credit card number, CVV number, name, expiry date, bank, and type of card would be recognized. Also, the camera uses face authentication. Instead of, password authentication by gateways. An extremely useful idea to curb online threats.


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