10 Youtube channels that every engineering student must follow

10 Youtube channels that every engineering student must follow

The improvement in the technological and scientific infrastructure in the country has been a surge. It has been noticed in the increasing number of students resorting to the profession of engineering. If you possess the technical skill and the mental acumen to succeed under difficult circumstances you are bound to emerge triumphantly. You can even become a successful professional in your life.

The profession of engineering is ideally suited for students. They possess a strong background in science subjects, especially physics, mathematics, computer, data analysis and informatics, aeronautical science, and marine industry mechanization.

Following are some of the most popular YouTube Channels that every engineer must follow-

Smarter Every Day

The primary channels on YouTube responsible for bringing about this surge in the world of technological evolution and the application of the elementary concepts of engineering are SmarterEveryDay. There are several videos available on this channel about aeronautical engineering space vehicles and shuttles since the man who started this channel was a space and air-travel enthusiast. The videos are informational with detailed content on specific topics.

Minute physics

The second website that must be followed by every engineering student is minute physics. This content creation channel has a unique interface with very interactive user media and active participation from the regular watchers of the content of the channel is expected. Moreover, this channel primarily focuses on the application of animated videos to introduce the important concepts of physics and the derivative applications that can be applied to physics. Along with this the animated versions of the concepts of physics also help in identifying and relating to the information easily as it becomes fun and interactive whenever animated structures are involved.

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Launched in 2010 as primarily a technological blog, Vsauce has graduated further and has emerged as one of the prime content channels on YouTube dealing with mathematical, technical, and other innovative concepts involving the application of physics and other underlying concepts. It was initially launched as a channel that would post content on video games including tutorials and walkthroughs. But a thorough review of the content structure encouraged the owners of the channel to change the content and since then its popularity has known no bounds.


Veritasium is a perfect channel for engineers to follow since there are video experiments shown on the channel. Scientific experiments with a video interface and interactive interaction with the industry experts from the main contents for such channels as they are prepared to work towards the application development of the engineering students who are professionally involved and working.

Learn Engineering

Again an engineering channel on YouTube that uses animated backgrounds to gain acceptance to a large segment of the engineering student circle, Learn Engineering primarily focuses on educational basics and background study on engineering. The two main video contents of the engineering channel include aeronautical engineering and thermal engineering.

Engineer guy

Another popular content creation channel on YouTube that is popularizing Engineering content and helping young engineers grow in knowledge and application skills. Complex technical concepts in engineering are explained with relative ease with the help of videos and informational backgrounds that help in the dissemination of information among the engineering section viewing these channels on YouTube.

Interesting Engineering

Interesting Engineering is very important in the application of technical knowledge in understanding the concepts of the engineering field. The initiators of such engineering content channels post videos on 3D Automation, Interface Development in Ethical Knowledge and Skills, etc.


Another popular content channel growing on the fringes with the latest content on science and developmental aspects and interface developments. It has close to 12 million subscribers on YouTube and is one of the leading YouTube Channels on Engineering Content.


With close to 6.48 Million Subscribers, SciShow has become one of the leading channels depicting engineering content and informational videos on technology and application skills are displayed on those channels to enhance the understanding and comprehending skill of the user and subscriber of the channel.

Because Science

The channel has 1.36 Million Subscribers and growing content on Technological blogs and informational videos on engineering basics.

Contents available on Online Platforms like YouTube for the growth of the knowledge component of the students as they have been instrumental in determining the optimum knowledge level of the students and determining why the students must be inclined towards regularly following the content on these channels and analyze effectively the importance of such dissemination of contents.

Thus it is very important to understand the functioning of the YouTube Channels and their contents to help in developing your understanding of the cognitive concept of Engineering and the various other branches associated with it.

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