6 Women Scientists Who Have Made India Proud Over The Years

6 Women Scientists Who Have Made India Proud Over The Years

Women- the exuberance of energy, the warmth, and affection, the cradle that has rocked the world since time immemorial, the force that has been the most powerful in the history of humanity and has been responsible for the philosophical growth of human beings that we can proudly claim ourselves to be- adjectives that quite never are enough to amply the importance of women in the societal structure.

Following are six women who have shaped the culture of India, integrated the force of achievements with the growth of human science, and have been responsible for making India believe and dream big-

Rajeshwari Chatterjee

Born in the distant villages of Karnataka and receiving primary education from there, in a school set up by her grandfather, Chatterjee went on to become the first woman engineer of India from Karnataka. Associated with scientific research, she was an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru and has since worked there as a Professor of Electrical and Communication Engineering for the longest time. Her achievements make her a revered figure in the engineering sector of the country paving way for millions of women engineers in the country.

Kalpana Chawla

When she landed in space, it was as if the entire world stopped and admired her genius- a phrase which would be best to describe the achievement of Kalpana Chawla. She was an American Scientist and Astronaut of Indian origin who was the first to travel to space in a mission called the Space Shuttle Columbia. In 2003 she was, unfortunately, a part of the 7 crew members who went on a mission to space where the spacecraft disintegrated and ultimately led to the death of all the crew members who were part of the Space Shuttle mission. After her death, Kalpana had attained a cult figure in India revered as the primary women revolutionary in the field of science. She was also awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour in Science by the United States of America Government.

Raman Parimala

Mathematics is not for women- this phrase was once proved wrong by two Indian Mathematicians who being women had earned the application of removing such racism and misogyny from the Indian culture and society- Shakuntala Devi and Raman Parimala. Parimala is revered across the mathematics circle of the country for her contribution in the field of algebra and mathematics for which she won the Infosys Prize in 2019. She was the Emeritus Professor at Emory University. She has also acted as the head of the department in Mathematics in the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). Her path-breaking discovery and vision had paved away for achievements in the field of mathematics for women.

Anna Mani

Over 100 years ago who would have ever imagined that Indian women would be associated with discoveries and experimentation in the field of Physics and Meteorology? Well, this maxim was proved wrong by Anna Mani who became a foremost mind in Indian Meteorology and became the long-serving director general of the Indian Meteorology department enhancing the fundamental research in the field of the ozone layer and active discoveries in solar radiation and its associated properties. She received honors from various parts of the world and is also remembered for her association with the Raman Research Centre.

Darshan Ranganathan

One of the pioneer researchers in the field of organic chemistry, Ranganathan is actively credited for her role in the discovery of the process of protein folding. She had also worked over the process of regeneration of molecules, synthesis of functional peptides and nanotubes, and molecular discovery of cell-synthesis in hybrid organic elements and the chemical reaction observed by integrating one component into another. The study of such chemical properties had made her work in bio-organic chemistry a revelation in the field of Indian Scientific research.

Nandini Harinath

A Part of one of the most glorifying space missions in the country, Nandini Harinath was a part of the Mangalyaan Mission of the Indian Space Research Organization. She had been a monumental part of the Space Travel Initiated by ISRO.

The aforementioned women have been instrumental in orchestrating the growth of educational culture among women in the country and their progress is expected to drive generations of women to achieve the improbable and dream the impossible.

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