Looking for the Best Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad? Why Should You Choose MLR Institute Of Technology?

Looking for the Best Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad? Why Should You Choose MLR Institute Of Technology?

Are you looking for the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad? And want to explore the best innovation and entrepreneurship studies along with the degree. The MLR Institute of Technology offers a wide scope of opportunities in terms of the best faculty in Btech studies and curriculum activities. The institute is about offering the best academics along with the opportunity in innovating various projects and encourage to build ideas in every existing course. With an active contribution towards the educational understanding and upliftment of the society being the primary objective of the institution, the following are some of the principal reasons why you should join MLR Institute Of Technology and become a part of this historic institution-

Efficient Management System

With Leaders of Yesterday inspiring the leaders of tomorrow, MLR Institute Of Technology offers a perfect platform for the communion of ideas and generation of revolutionary and innovative thoughts that is responsible for improving the coordinating environment in the institution thereby encouraging the students to pursue excellence.

Rankings and Accolades

The college has received national recognition and ranks among the NIRF-listed colleges for the third time in a row. It has also featured in editorials and news pieces in some of the prime newspapers sold in our country including India Today, The Week, The Times of India, Careers 360, Competition Success Review, BW Business World, Career Conquest, and Contact World.

Variety of Courses Offered

The different varieties of Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses offered by the college are one of the instrumental reasons behind the functional growth of the institute into one of the most reputed centers of education in the country. The institute offers various courses for undergraduate and postgraduate. The variety of courses offered by the educational institution makes it one of the biggest selling points for promoting the popularity of this educational institute and makes it an institution in the field of higher education.

Research and Guidance

Through a bright mixture of practical implementation of technical soft skills and understanding of the theoretical principles of business functioning, research and guidance in the field of science, engineering, and technology have prospered bringing about a congenial environment thereby improving the educational principles and funding the research and guidance activities taking place in the educational institutions.

National Accreditation

The college is nationally accredited and ranks among the highest-ranking colleges in the state of Telangana and in India itself. Some of its nationally recognized and accredited programs include programs in Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering and Communication Engineering.

Integrated Educational Curriculum

Along with the different varieties of courses offered by the college, the innovative educational syllabus and curriculum expand the paradigm of functioning and understanding the business principles of learning the craft from the experts.

Importance of Project-Based Learning

Most of the learning imparted through the college courses is through the project-based technique of learning. This not only enhances the interest of the students but also allows them the opportunity to try out things beforehand and eliminate the errors and thereby bring about positivity in the functioning of the project-based method of learning.


The advanced human talent pool on the campus, excellent infrastructure, and our-connect with top companies across the globe. The institute has been unfurling the highest number of placements every year. The count of the successful students sustains inspiration on the part of the MNCs, drives Top-most companies to visit our campus for recruitment every academic year consistently.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MLR Institution of Technology has a wide range of scope in innovation and entrepreneurship. The institute has over 14 students who have built their startups along with 52 IPR generated, 74 innovation support, 47 design thinking and innovation, and 21 competitions and hackathon. The institute also runs industry integrated programs, maker spaces acceleration programs, pitch-fest, and mentor connect.

Intellectual Property Facilitation Center

To serve MSME, Startups, academic/research institutes, entrepreneurs, and researchers in India by providing IP services from drafting to grant of IPRs. The institute also offers technical consultation to covert their ideas into secured marketable products. Moreover, the institute has 52 total IPRs filed along with 21 Patents filed, and 19 published.

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Club & Activities

MLR Institute of Technology is a complete package of opportunities to showcase artistic creativity. It has a strong tradition of student bodies and clubs that attract students from all disciplines. They have several activities and clubs such as the CAME club, Toastmaster Club, Club Literati, Coding Club, and Engineers With Borders that help students scale-up in studies and curriculum both.


MLR Institute of Technology has a duplex modeled modern digital library which is fully competirized with barcoding and WiFi- Facility. They have a hostel area for the student who is away from home. In the hostel, the students can get a dining area, healthcare, security, and playgrounds. The hostel is accommodated with 1000 boys and 700 girls of space. Moreover, the infrastructure also comes up with 1500 systems in single LAN with 300 Mbps internet connectivity, 6 auditorium with 1200, 600, 250 seating capacity, and 20 personal interview chambers, and 12 GD rooms.

Incubation Facilities

The institute offers makerspace, innovation hub, 3D printing, Internet of Things Lab, social square, meeting room, and a lot more. This help student to explore unique innovations and work on things in a practical way. Moreover, the institute is blessed with 32 developed products, 21 seed fund supported, and 36 space available for startups.

Qualified and Experienced Faculty

Experienced and Technically Competent Professionals in the institutions are there to help the students understand concepts, generate the seed of creativity in them and thereby help them practically in the assignment and allocation of projects and bring about efficient functioning of the principles associated with engineering, considered to be a specialty of this college.

Scholarship Facilities offered to the Students

Various Scholarship facilities are offered to the students of this college thereby helping them cover their educational expenditure. For example- if a student applying for a scholarship facility offered by the college has an SGPA of 8 and above, the students are qualified to receive the benefits of the scholarship facilities and can enjoy the privileges that come with such scholarship facilities.

CAME Club – Creating Aspirations for Meeting Elevations

MLR Institutions of Technology is full of opportunities for the students when it comes to extra-curricular activities. This is a platform specially designed for students that help them explore their hobbies and interests and build confidence and strength.

State of the Art Indoor and Outdoor Sports Recreation Facilities

The club rooms and the open ground area present in the college is an encouraging factor for students who are enthusiastic about sports and outdoor games. Indoor training facilities for sports like badminton and table tennis are available. Grounds for football, cricket, etc. are also made available to the students.

Thus MLR Institute Of Technology functions as one of the most popular educational institutions attracting a cumulative number of students every year owing to its well-built infrastructure and a lasting promise to provide the best educational facilities.

We being one of the best colleges in Hyderabad offers aspiring engineering to upscale in innovations and work on a wide range of project and gain vast knowledge on the same. Know more about us here.