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Dr.K.Venkata Narayana

SCOPUS Psychological Behavior Before And After Competition For Senior Cricket Players In Telangana A Descriptive Statistics  Comparative Analysis of Psychological Behavior for Telangana Senior

Prof. M. Venkateswar Reddy

Journal Publications: 1. M.Venkateshwar Reddy, P.Shravan Kumar, P.Ravinder Reddy, “Fracture Analysis of Single and Two Collinear Square hole Cracks in a plate under Tension using

Dr. Kashi Sai Prasad

Journal Publications: 1. K. Sai Prasad & Rajender Miryala “Histopathological Image Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques” International Journal on Emerging Technologies 10(2): 467-473 (2019) 2.

Dr. P. Subhashini

Subhashini .Peneti And Hemalatha .E,Akalpitha Das ,“DDOS Attack Identification Using Machine Learning Techniques” , International Conference On Computer Communication And Informatics ,Pp. 1-5, DOI: 1109/Iccci50826.2021.9402441,2021

Dr. Ch Achi Reddy

Journal Publications: 1. “Magneto hydrodynamics stagnation point flow of a Nanofluid over an exponentially stretching sheet with an effect of chemical reaction, Heat Source and

Dr. M.Satyanarayana Gupta

Journal Publications: a) International Journals [39]: I) Scopus Indexed [19]: 1. M.Satyanarayana Gupta, “Fabrication and comparision of AA7005/SiC-Al2O3 and other composite materials using different methods”,


Journal Publications: 1. Balaram, Allam, Chandana, P., and Silparaj, Manda., “Preserving Location Privacy in the Presence of Sybil Attacks in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks”, Solid

Dr. M. V. Narasimha Rao

Journal Publications: o Published a Paper titled “Role of Financial Institutions in Retail Banking Innovation” in Business Vision, Vol: 13, No: 4, Jan-Mar 2017 ISSN: