Designation: Professor

Dr. V Thrimurthulu

Research Articles “Modern Approach of Detecting Permanent Faults for Multipurpose Processor Design of NOC Relevance’s” in The International journal of analytical and experimental modal analysis

Dr. Penubaka Kiran Kumar Reddy

23) P. Kiran Kumar Reddy, B. Eswara Reddy, Texture Classification Based on Cross and Diagonal Shape Descriptor Co-occurrence Matrix, CiiT – Digital Image Processing (CiiT-DIP),

Dr. K. Varada Rajkumar

Mangalampalli, K. Varada Rajkumar, “Multi Objective Prioritized Workflow Scheduling Using Deep Reinforcement Based Learning in Cloud Computing,” in IEEE Access, vol. 12, pp. 5373-5392, 2024,

Dr. G. Aruna

Journal Publications: 1. “Performance and Performance Persistence of Indian Thematic Mutual Funds”, Sumedha Journal of Management, Vol. 7, July-September -Special Issue 2018, pp 123-133. 2.

Dr.K.Surya Narayana

Journal Publications: Paper Presentations I. National Conferences and Seminars Presented 1. Paper titled ‘Marketing Automation’ in National Conference on Emerging Trends in Marketing’,18th-19th’March 2014,organized by


Journal Publications: 1. Muhammed Anaz Khan, Muthukannan Duraiselvam, S.S. Panwar, Trilochan Jena, S.R. Dhineshkumar, “Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Laser Textured LaMgAl11O19/YSZ Functionally Graded Thermal Barrier Coating”,

Dr. J. Krishnaraj

Journal Publications: PUBLICATIONS IN PEER-REVIEWED INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS: 1. Mallesham, D., Krishnaraj, J. and Ravi Kiran, CH. (2020) Performance and emission study of sesbania aculeate biodiesel