Designation: Professor

Dr.K.Surya Narayana

Journal Publications: Paper Presentations I. National Conferences and Seminars Presented 1. Paper titled ‘Marketing Automation’ in National Conference on Emerging Trends in Marketing’,18th-19th’March 2014,organized by


Journal Publications: 1. Muhammed Anaz Khan, Muthukannan Duraiselvam, S.S. Panwar, Trilochan Jena, S.R. Dhineshkumar, “Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Laser Textured LaMgAl11O19/YSZ Functionally Graded Thermal Barrier Coating”,

Dr. J. Krishnaraj

Journal Publications: PUBLICATIONS IN PEER-REVIEWED INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS: 1. Mallesham, D., Krishnaraj, J. and Ravi Kiran, CH. (2020) Performance and emission study of sesbania aculeate biodiesel

Dr. Lokasani Bhanuprakash

Journal Publications: 1. Experimental investigation on graphene oxides coated carbon fibre/epoxy hybrid composites: Mechanical and electrical properties, Composites Science and Technology, Elsevier, (2019). 2. Mode

Mr. P Yakaiah

Journal Publications: 1. Siridhara, A.L., Mahendra, V., Yakaiah, P., Vijetha, T., Nayak, S. A robust fish feeding system (2019) International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring


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K Veeranjaneyulu

Journal Publications: ORCID.ID:0000-0001-5085-3130 Scopus Author ID: 57195203019 Scopus Author ID: 57194425197 Patents: U30232-OW 128872, No.201941036131 A ·         K Arunkumar, K Veeranjaneyulu, Om Prakash, Sreekanth Sura,