Designation: Associate Professor

Dr. N. Yuganand

Publications: Yuganand N, K.Haritha and K.V.S. Shiv Chaitanya “Evanescent wave in Multiple slit diffraction and n- array Antennas in Metamaterial using Ces`aro convergence” – Scientific

Dr. B. V. Rajanna

Journal Publications: B V Rajanna, Dr. O. Chandrasekhar, M. Kiran Kumar, “Automatic Meter Reading for Smart Metering by using QPSK Modem with PLC Channel and


        FDP/Webinar/Conferences/Seminar: 1. On FPGA IMPLEMENTATION OF CAN CONTROLLER on National Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics & communication-2007(NCE-Emerge-07) held on 23-06-2007.organised