Importance of Reading in the life of an Engineering Student

Importance of Reading in the life of an Engineering Student

Reading is the primary way to gain knowledge. The more you read about a particular topic, the more well-versed you get with that specific topic. Engineering Students go through a rigorous academic routine as they have to intelligently combine reading, which is a theoretical approach with lab-oriented work which is a practical approach. Therefore reading and gaining knowledge about mechanics is one of the most vital activities for an engineering student.

So, why is reading considered to be such an important activity for engineering students? Following are some of the important features characterizing the importance of reading-

Improves understanding and cognitive skills

Engineering students need to possess a clear understanding of subjects like Mechanics, Electronics and the application of engineering principles. They need to be well-acquainted with the knowledge-based application of important engineering theories like how to design an electric circuit system, the functions of quantum physics and developing an analogy of the equipment market. Therefore cognitive skills play an important role in the development of such understanding. Having a clear idea about the aforementioned subjects helps the engineering students to decipher important codes and work on the process of encryption and decryption.

Increases vocabulary and comprehension

Improvement in vocabulary and knowledge about words is considered extremely important. Through reading, you get to learn new words that can apply in your daily life. Moreover, reading helps engineering students to learn new terminologies like scientific interface, mathematical inductions and applications of physical science. Thereby it induces them to comprehend their subjects better and develop an acute understanding of the management principles associated with their subjects.

Helps in Expansion of Mind and Imagination Capabilities

Reading helps in improving the imagination capabilities. The more books you read, the more aware you become of your surroundings and how should you react to particular situations. It Improves your imagination skills and you can identify different solutions for a single problem. It opens up avenues for imaginative thinking thereby giving engineering students many plausible situational solutions.

Following are some books associated with engineering, reading which gives you a proper idea about the different principles associated with engineering-

Structures – or Why Things Don’t Fall Down by J.E. Gordon


This is one of the principal books for engineering students. It is practical with a straightforward approach to writing. It helps in solving the different engineering myths associated with the study of the subject. Moreover, it provides an ideal solution for different engineering problems faced during the theoretical orientation of the subjects.

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman


In this book, Don Norman shows how the design of an item serves as a communication channel between a non-living object and its user. Tips and tricks give readers a better insight into how to build objects in the best way. And so this is a great read for anyone, at any stage in their engineering career! Introductions to the different aspects of reading for engineering students are highlighted in this book. Moreover, it throws light on the simple analytical everyday problems faced by the engineering students and deciphers communication channels that help in improving the product designs.

Sustainable Materials – With Both Eyes Open by Julian Allwood and Jonathan Cullen


This book is a real eye-opener for engineering students since it provides a combined analysis of the engineering principles and the associated environmental and socio-economic principles associated with the functioning of the engineering discipline. Engineering Students are required to possess different materials and information sources so that they can perform the required activities with relative ease. Therefore this book gives them an idea about the different resources they should have with them while studying engineering mechanisms and the associated principles of the subject.

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The Gecko’s Foot: How Scientists are Taking a Leaf from Nature’s Book by Peter Forbes


This book discusses the work of nano-scientists looking to replicate the identities of nature and thereby associate the principles of engineering with students. Moreover, many examples are provided in this book giving a detailed account of the scientists analyzing the beauty of nature. The engineering students after reading this book get to understand the aesthetic aspect of engineering and concepts of nature conservation.

Engineer to Win by Caroll Smith


For those serious about becoming a highly successful engineer, this book will enlighten you on the mentality, attitude and skills you will need to build a career. Additionally, it is doubly relevant to those interested in mechanical, aerospace and materials disciplines, given the nature of Smith’s research. Engineering students are bound to find reading this book very informative and full of essential information associated with the important details associated with the concept of engineering.

Other three books that engineering students can give a read include-

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life by Chris Hadfield

Success Through Failure: The Paradox of Design by Henry Petroski

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams


Studying the aforementioned books would give budding engineering students ideas about how to orient their studies and gain knowledge by understanding the principles of engineering science.

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