MLRIT offering an opportunity for students to imbibe lessons through the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MLRIT offering an opportunity for students to imbibe lessons through the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MLRIT offering an opportunity for students to imbibe lessons through the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Interested in studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation? Don’t know where to pursue the degree course in the aforementioned subjects?

Worry not, as Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology (MLRIT) has come forward to offer you an opportunity to learn Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the most enterprising minds in the country.

Well equipped professionals with insight knowledge about the technicalities associated with Entrepreneurship would be delivering lectures and theoretical sessions in this degree course.

This would enable the students to learn the facets of Entrepreneurship and Innovation further encouraging them to engage in fruitful business activities in future. Following is a complete overview of the degree course initiated by MLRIT-


The institution has introduced the aforementioned degree course with certain basic objectives in mind. Following are some of them-

  • Encourage the seeds of innovation in enterprising graduates.
  • Establishing a centre of Education focused on the principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 
  • Foster the growth of technical and analytical skills in graduates thereby allowing them an opportunity to implement those skills in the creation of business ventures.
  • Incubate and thereby facilitate the resources associated with the functioning of the research centre in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 
  • Implementing the guiding ethical principles of MLRIT.
  • Encourage the growth of Software Enterprises, Electronics and Mechanical Production through the utilization of facilities available in the research institute.
  • Fostering a sense of social responsibility among the graduates of the institution.
  • Helping the graduates develop an analytical frame of mind, essential for understanding the business needs and core values associated with Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 
  • Building comprehensive business plans that would enable adequate utilization of resources and further the goal of efficient management.
  • Validating the importance of profitability and sustainability in a business environment through abiding by the social and economic principles existing in the societal structure.
  • Encouraging the importance of creating jobs rather than seeking jobs.
  • Analysing and Injecting a sense of urgency in understanding the concepts associated with the functioning of seed funds.
  • Analysing the role of venture capitalists in the study of principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 
  • Emphasising the importance of Resource Availability and Knowledge.

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This lucrative degree course has offered favourable deliverable outcomes associated with the principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Following are some of the favourable outcomes of this attractive degree program-

  • Foster an environment of cooperation and coordination among business entities.
  • Graduates can showcase their ability to operate in a cohesive business environment encouraging the principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 
  • Exploring the ideals of creativity and innovation.
  • The fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship like franchising, inventory management and dependence on developmental institutions associated with Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 
  • Small-Scale Financing is developed and encouraged leading to the growth of a conducive business environment.
  • Sourcing business resources and reporting the regularity of financing needs of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is vital in the growth of the graduates studying at MLRIT.
  • Learning to report the regularities and irregularities associated with financial regulation and building up financial infrastructure.
  • Fostering the growth of innovative business ideas encouraging the set up of innovative business.
  • Initiating the production process of marketable products to gain a place in the competitive market environment.
  • Forecasting and analyzing the important business requirements associated with Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the schools of thought which become guiding principles in this regard.
  • Understanding the nuances associated with the process of acquiring seed funds and venture capital.
  • Ethical implementation of business-decision making.
  • Leveraging the use of financial resources to create a self-dependent working organization capable of functioning on its own.

Scope of Study

SRUSHTI – Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the institution offering the aforementioned degree program.

It provides an opportunity for enterprising graduates to learn the principles of business financing while studying at a prestigious educational institution like MLRIT.

It plays an important role in developing the ideals of a conducive business environment and a safe ecosystem for investment. Faculty, Researchers and Successful Business Minds all across the country have had positive things to say about the degree program.

Events included in the curriculum

Events and Co-Curricular Activities have formed an important part of the glorious history of MLRIT. It has been instrumental in popularizing the ideas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Thereby the environment of learning business ideals through the principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation received a major boost when it was announced that the degree program would be starting at MLRIT. In a country like India where the financial infrastructure is primarily dependent on sole proprietorship and partnership business which run based on the principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, it is critical to analyze the importance of the aforementioned topics.

Thus MLRIT offers the option to leverage the use of financial elements thereby bringing about an improvement in the efficient financing of business resources. Thereby Entrepreneurship and Innovation helps take a definitive shape in the business environment.

Therefore if you are looking to build a career in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Centre for Education (SRUSHTI) at MLRIT may be the best option for you.

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