Top trending technologies engineering students should know about

Top trending technologies engineering students should know about

Top trending technologies engineering students should know about

Technology is the pinnacle of human development. The ability to invent and use ideas for a better, smarter and more comfortable life is what distinguishes humans from other life forms on the lovely planet called Earth, on which we live. With the industrial revolution, we have sped up the process of making new discoveries, inventing better items and implementing newer technologies by a huge margin. As such, it falls upon engineers to make use of the existing knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Let us take a look at the top trending technologies engineering students should know about.

Why Should We Know About Latest Technology?

Before we start the list, let us also ponder why it is necessary to keep track of new technologies. The answer is simple – to be able to work actively for the continuation of best practices in favour of mankind. As we make new technology, we make the world a little better place. Being proponents of engineering n the near future, it is therefore impertinent for engineering students to know.

Without further ado, let us jump in.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for a very long time for engineers and developers. Companies are building large, sometimes humongous programs called artificial intelligence software. This software emulates human behaviour and helps make decisions without human intervention need. Designed to be as objective as possible and free from human bias as much as possible, artificial intelligence is sure to become an important pillar of human society in the near to far future.

Couple it with machine learning, you get an extremely efficient mixture of increasing efficiency. Machine learning forms the basis of evolving AI. A regular AI typically features a fixed set of instructions and thus has limited ability to emulate human behaviour and decisions. With machine learning, the system takes inputs from the environment it is subjected to and uses the data obtained to influence its future decisions. This helps in making improved decisions and outputs going forward, every single time.
As engineers of the future, students should definitely keep an eye out for it.

  1. Data Science

Another important technology that we should know about is data science. Experts and philosophers today strongly believe that the modern age is over and we live in the information age. These are the times when knowledge and information are a very important part of human lives. All the information of the world is stored in form of data, which is then processed to make sense of the world around us. The advent of data science has resulted in a vast improvement in the way we perceive the world, has given a massive boost to research and development and has been a boon for the world. The fast development of vaccines for the CoVid-19 virus is a great example. It is because of excellent data processing that we were able to understand the effects and side effects that humans could quickly roll out a workable answer to the problem the world faced.

  1. Virtual Reality & AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are great tools to experience something we normally would either not be able to experience or would find very difficult. For example, to experience how large a tiger would be, one would have to actually see one and stand beside it. With techs like AR, we could project an image of a tiger on our screens with our regular surroundings.

Virtual reality could take us on a roller coaster ride while sitting comfortably on the couch.

Other more practical approaches are training and development. With VR technology, we can now make simulations much more compact and mobile. Young doctors could train for surgeries, pilots can train for flying different aircraft etc. With VR and AR becoming more and more powerful by the day, this technology is a big yes for engineering students to know about.

  1. Electric Locomotion & Self-Driving Vehicles

Our reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy has been draining our planet of resources, we would run out of fossil fuels someday. This problem is mitigated by electric vehicles, which can simply be charged to run again. With better and better batteries that can store more and more power while being less and less massive, electric locomotion is fast becoming a mainstream vehicle technology. These cars not only cause much less pollution but are also silent and with time, have even developed self-driving features. An AI keeps track of the weather, traffic, fastest routes etc. and drives the vehicle on its own without the need for a driver. This is a cool technology that will definitely become mainstream in the future.

  1. Modular Construction Technology

Computing and communication isn’t the only area where innovation and trending technology has been coming up. We are also seeing changes in the places where humans dwell. Be it offices, homes, restaurants or even hospitals, modular construction is slowly but steadily picking up pace. With movable homes, cabins and whatnot, the day isn’t far when we could change the way our homes are set up. Making one room smaller to make way for another is soon to be a reality. Although the technology is yet to become mainstream and accepted globally, it is still there. Excellent civil engineering is at play silently, making our world better at a slow and steady pace.

How Does MLRIT Help Students with Technology?

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The pioneer institution offers insights into the latest and trending knowledge in the field of engineering and technology, updating its study courses regularly to stay up to date. With the best possible infrastructure and a holistic approach for making engineers of not just today, but also of the future, MLRIT takes pride in giving some of the best engineering minds to society.

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