Why extracurricular activities are important in engineering?

Why extracurricular activities are important in engineering?

With the rapid advancement in technology, engineering has also found application in the field of architecture, designing, and software where the engineer is responsible for creating a programming language or software which can further be utilized for dedicated functions of the computer information system and creation of a framework of activities that can be effectively utilized for garnering favorable and useful results that in turn generate utility. The work of an engineer in any branch of science is an arduous one and if the requisite amount of leisure time and rest is not provided to them they would not be able to perform at peak efficiency levels. Therefore the engineering firm must provide the engineer with the opportunity to perform co-curricular and extracurricular activities which in turn help the engineer refresh themselves from a tiring day at work and rejuvenate themselves. Following are a few reasons why extracurricular activities are important in engineering-

Generates Creativity in Technical Problem Solving

The basic criteria that are fulfilled through the effective presence of extracurricular activities for professionals with an engineering background are to generate an effective background of the creative bent of mind. Creativity is the process of generating uniqueness and differentiated processing in the functioning of the relevant field in which the engineering firm can generate productivity through the functioning of the principles of engineering. Firstly, Technical Activities related to the engineering sector can help in improving the soft skills of the engineer which helps him focus on improving the designing and the outlay of the software which he is creating. Traditional methodologies employed in the field of engineering are slowly becoming redundant. That’s where the function of extracurricular activities comes into play. When an engineer engages himself in a variety of extracurricular activities he gets the opportunity to perform a variety of tasks through sports and other relevant activities that help him in finding out ways to apply the knowledge gained productively and utilize it for effective implementation of engineering principles.

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Garnering Imagination Strategy

Extracurricular Activities in the field of Engineering open new avenues for innovative methodology and bring about the imagination in the functioning of the engineering principles of the engineering firm actively involved in the functioning of the engineering or manufacturing organization. For example- the work of an engineer involves regular imaginative strategies that would help in generating productive results that further would help in yielding favorable solutions for the engineering firm. An engineer is responsible to bring out an imaginative outlay in all his tasks as repetitive work can not only make the job of the engineer stagnant but also impact the popularity of the production and manufacturing firm that Is employing the engineer. Thus through active participation in extracurricular activities, an engineer can express emotions, sentiments, and imagination thereby yielding productive results in the decision-making process.

Soft Skills and their increasing relevance through Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities generally involve some kind of sporting or interactive activities where the engineers can involve themselves in groups and can work towards the performance of a task collectively. Through extracurricular activities, an engineer can generate soft skills like interaction and communication capabilities, group learning, and collective decision-making- activities that otherwise would seem improbable if the engineer was told to stay in a secluded environment without the relevant opportunities and amenities to work collectively. Therefore through interaction in community activities and communication with other people involved in the same branch of study, engineers could work properly and enhance their efficiency simultaneously.

Extracurricular Activities at MLR Institute of Technology

MLR Institute of Technology is one of the most reputed and recognized graduates and post-graduate institutes in Telangana. It has garnered the reputation of delivering the brightest engineering students in the country. It is a unique mix of academic curriculum and interactive co-curricular activities. The principal extracurricular activities in this educational institution include facilities for sporting activities like Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Gymnasium, Indoor Stadium, Table Tennis, and Volleyball. Apart from that different types of interactive clubs are also present where the engineers could engage and create productive communions and informal relationships. Some of such clubs include CAME Club, Literati Club, NSS, and UBA. Thus such extracurricular activities help in maintaining efficient functioning for the engineering students on the campus.

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